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Déjà-Vu (2000) : 720p 1080p Watch Online Free Download A cinematic experience by Douglas Gordon - in which the film D.O.A. is screened simultaneously on three screens beside one another, but at slightly different speeds. The films quickly fall out of synch with one another. Déjà-vu uses footage from D.O.A. 1949-50, a Hollywood thriller directed by Rudolph Mateé. The film has been transferred to video and is projected simultaneously on three parallel screens at normal speed as well as slightly faster and slightly slower - 25, 24 and 23 frames per second (left to right). This has the effect of making the three identical narratives diverge increasingly over time, and inducing in the viewer an experience similar to déjà-vu.

Title Déjà-Vu
Subtitle Available south-korea.png france.png Germany.png italy.png espain.png belanda.png portugal.png hungaria.png ETC.
Release Date Mar 29, 2000
Genres ,
Production Company
Production Countries United Kingdom
Casts Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton
Plot Keywords art, parallel story, synchronicity, doa,
Edmond O'Brien
Pamela Britton
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